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Filming session in London

Today, I was working on a filming project at a London studio with my wonderful friends and colleagues Adam Hope, Mariana Rosas, and Ruth Evans, alongside the brilliant Dan from Shorefront Films, on a new video as part of NYCGB’s Musician

I am always so excited to work around cameras, whether that be in front of them, behind them or not even in the same room (pre/post-production). Of course, it always makes the experience much better when you are working with lovely, talented individuals like I was today; the whole session couldn’t have gone more smoothly, and we had a few laughs along the way too…

We’re now on to the post-production/editing stage, which is going really well. I was slightly terrified when I was given an SSD with half a terabyte of footage on it (we were shooting in ProRes, so you’re dealing with BIG files!), but it makes all the difference having lots of takes and cinema-grade quality video.

NYCGB – you’ve made my week… again!

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